Valuing the Investment - graduates share their thoughts

"Freeman Academy has had such a positive impact on our family! 
Do not let tuition scare you.  There are affordable options available. 
It is the best investment you can ever make for your child!!"
Peg Kesteloot

A school with tuition?
Yes, it’s worth it.

Christian education with excellent academics and a leading fine arts program. Is it affordable? Yes. Our generous school community helps make it happen.
Is it worth the expense? Ask our parents

“Because faith is part of
every aspect of life… including education.”
Jay Allison
“Education is like ice cream. Vanilla is great, but after you experience ice cream with all the goodies mixed in you know what you’ve been missing. Experience Freeman Academy and you’ll know the difference.”
Lois Wollman

Concerned about tuition cost? Our generous school community is here to help make this happen.

ways to save

It’s easy! Everyday purchases locally or online provide a kickback
toward each and every student’s tuition at Freeman Academy. 


Generous supporters provide annual high school scholarships for new and returning students. 

Enrollment Director
Jason Mehlhaf

For more questions about our program, contact the Enrollment Director at: 605-925-4237 x225 or

Karen Schultz
Business Manager

For financial concerns or questions, contact Karen at:
605-925-4237 x 224 or