Our Mission

Freeman Academy infuses Christ’s call into all learning through Anabaptist principles.

We seek to stimulate students to think critically and integrate knowledge with faith, service, artistic expression, and practical experiences.

Freeman Academy cultivates the unique God-given gifts of each student in a safe, caring, and creative environment.

Love of God

This is the center of our life as a school, most visible in worship together, but infusing all other aspects of Freeman Academy as an institution. All that we do—academics, the arts, athletics, peacemaking, service is part of working out discipleship and a faithful witness to Jesus Christ.

Love of Learning

Freeman Academy educates for life-long learning, notmerely for grades, testing, or college admissions. We focus on critical thinking, critical reading, critical writing, and critical listening. While we are a college-preparatory institution, we see learning as a good in its own right, not merely as a tool to get to some other goal. We focus on developing creativity across our programs, cultivating the imagination as a central aspect of learning.

Love our Neighbor

We are committed to justice, peacemaking, and service. We focus not only on the classroom and our local community, but on wider society in our learning, worship, and creative work. Restorative justice, reconciliation, and peacemaking are ongoing and active pursuits. Community service, volunteerism, and relationships are parts of our everyday life as a school as we aim to cultivate empathy and active concern for the vulnerable.

...As We Love Ourselves

All lives have inherent dignity as creations of God. We are mindful of the variety of stresses on the lives of students and staff, of the many ways their self-worth is challenged externally and internally on a daily basis. We are committed to upholding student dignity and well-being, and to helping students and staff alike to discover and exercise their God-given gifts in order to realize the potential God has given them.