Upcoming Events

  • May 22nd: Region Golf @ Hartford
  • May 23rd: Softball SoDak 16
  • May 25th: Last Day of School for K-11 – Noon Dismissal; State Track Meet in SF
  • May 26th-27th: State Track Meet in SF


  • Freeman Academy infuses Christ’s call into all learning through Anabaptist principles.
  • We seek to stimulate students to think critically and integrate knowledge with faith, service, artistic expression, and practical experiences.
  • Freeman Academy cultivates the unique God-given gifts of each student in a safe, caring, and creative environment.

Our pillars

  • Love of God: This is the center of our life as a school, most visible in worship together, and infusing all other aspects of Freeman Academy as an institution. 
  • Love of Learning: Freeman Academy educates for life-long learning, not merely for grades, testing, or college admissions. We focus on critical thinking, critical reading, critical writing, and critical listening.
  • Loving Our Neighbor: We are committed to justice, peacemaking, and service. We focus not only on the classroom and our local community, but on wider society in our learning, worship, and creative work.
  • As We Love Ourselves: All lives have inherent dignity as creations of God. We are mindful of the variety of stresses on the lives of students and staff, of the many ways their self-worth is challenged externally and internally on a daily basis.
I am convinced that the lasting treasure at Freeman Academy is not the outstanding music, arts or academics, but rather the delicate and vibrant community!
What a difference, what a deep joy it can bring to experience life’s struggles and successes as part of a faith community.”
Polly W.
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