Freeman Academy’s on-campus housing is conveniently located on the west end of the school’s campus in Frontier Hall. Our on-campus housing overlooks the soccer fields and the beautiful arboretum area.

The dorm can house 16 students in our two-bedroom suites. Each suite is made up of two bedrooms that share a private shower and toilet. 

The bedrooms include closets, a twin bed with bedding, and a sink vanity. Desks are provided in separate study rooms. 

Each suite can accommodate two to four students. Students often have a bedroom to themselves as space allows.

In addition to the private suites, there is a large community dining area with kitchen and computer access. The generous living room has a large TV where students can watch movies or cable TV and play games. 

Laundry facilities are available for the student’s use at no charge and are conveniently located on the same level as the living space.

Freeman Academy’s on-campus housing is small enough that it can be considered very similar to a private host family experience with the camaraderie of having classmates and friends just down the hall.

Being located directly on campus allows the students easy access to all of the school’s facilities and allows for convenient participation in extra curricular activities or spontaneous games of basketball or soccer.

The on-campus housing is supervised by the Resident Director who lives on site in an apartment located adjacent to the students’ community areas.  

The director has dedicated their time and energy to creating a family-like atmosphere. Evenings include a sit-down, home-cooked family meal, assistance with homework as needed, games, and conversation.  

Weekend activities vary based on school-sponsored events but include attendance at local churches, trips to Sioux Falls or Yankton, and occasionally hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities. In short, the dorm experience is a home away from home.

Troy True

Enrollment Director

605.925.4237 x225

Jason Mehlhaf

Asst. Enrollment Director

605.925.4237 x230