Make fundraising part of your everyday life with gift cards puchased through RaiseRight
  • Choose between eGift cards, Physical gift cards, and Reloadable gift cards
  • Purchase the gift cards redeemable at local and national businesses
  • Freeman Academy automatically gets a percentage kickback from the purchase of the gift cards.

Imagine paying for gas, grabbing groceries, eating out, and ordering gifts – you spend what you normally would and Freeman Academy gets a kickback!

The idea your money working twice as hard with half the effort sure sounds like a great idea. Freeman Academy has partnered with the nationally recognized RaiseRight program that provides money back to stores you already are using.

RaiseRight Overview Video 

  • Find your favorite store that utilizes the RaiseRight program and see the kickback amount they offer.
    • Example: Favorite grocery store offers a 5% rebate
  • Purchase a gift card to use when shopping at that store
    • Example $100 gift card purchased for groceries
  • Receive the $100 gift card (either a physical or digital card)
  • Freeman Academy receives $5.00 directed to your student’s tuition.
    • 75% of this goes directly toward your tuition
    • 25% of this goes toward our administration expenses such as shipping the gift cards to Freeman, SD.

Video testimonials HERE

RaiseRight Enrollment Flyer HERE

  • Sign up on your desktop HERE
    • Click on “Join a Program.”
    • Enter Freeman Academy’s unique enrollment code F2L134A922L38
    • Set up PrestoPay to enable paying for all ordering easily (and securely)
      • Connect to your checking account with a $0.15 fee per checkout
      • Connect to your credit card with a 2.6% fee per checkout
      • Cash and check are also options!
    • Download the mobile app: RaiseRight
      • Sign in with your unique login
      • View 750+ local and domestic vendors
    • Order your gift cards
      • Physical gift cards – available at the school or connect with Barb Yoder every other Friday.
      • Order scan-able gift cards – available instantly on your mobile device
      • Reload gift cards – this can be a great option for students

See the video demo HERE

Parents, grandparents, relatives and friends can sign up in the same way you do. They will be contacted by our volunteer coordinator, Barb Yoder, to confirm which Freeman Academy student the rebates are to go toward.
Any questions, feel free to contact Barb Yoder at 605-925-4713 or 605-660-7729.

Anyone anywhere can participate. Video about it HERE

Freeman Academy would like to thank these local business partners for participating in the RaiseRight program: