Imagine yourself at Freeman Academy!

Imagine yourself in a learning environment where you are encouraged and expected to reach your highest individual potential. Imagine a school that encourages creative expression. Imagine yourself surrounded by teaching staff that demonstrate Christ’s love in the classroom. Imagine being able to freely discuss your beliefs without fear of retribution. Imagine small class sizes that encourage and expect one on one interaction with faculty and classmates.

If you want more information about the experiences that you can expect at Freeman Academy please contact Lynnelle Allison, Director of Enrollment & International Student Coordinator, at 925-4237, ext 225. Don’t just imagine yourself at Freeman Academy. Make it a reality! Applications are being accepted for the current academic year.

To learn more about Freeman Academy: 

Visit us on Campus

Call Lynnelle Allison, Director of Enrollment & International Student Coordinator, at 605-925-4237 (ext. 225) to arrange your visit and ask any questions you may have.