Academic Success

  • All graduates accepted to universities including BIOLA, Washington University at St. Louis, University of Washington, Simpson University.
  • We provide English Language Learner classes, one-on-one tutoring, and evening homework support including teacher-led study sessions at the dorm.
  • Students say: “One reason I love Freeman Academy is because of the relationship between students and teachers. Students and teachers are very well engaged. Teachers really focus on you.”


Big Opportunities

  • Internships, Athletics, Capstone Project, Choir, Concert Band, Musicals
  • Students say: “Freeman Academy students are usually very busy because of all the opportunities they get. We play sports, sing in musicals and play in concert band.”
  • “There are lots of sports opportunities in school. No matter how well your play, you can always experience the real game.”
  • “Freeman Academy has a strong music program. The band and choir directors love to have international students participate and they give them many opportunities to perform.”


Caring Community

  • Students are taught to evaluate information, make decisions and consider outcomes. Learning is much more than memorization.
  • Half of our high school staff has international experience. They value international perspectives and they know our international students broaden the viewpoints of our local students.
  • Students say: Teachers and school staff are friendly and encouraging.”
  • “If you want a school that is welcoming, FA is the best place.”

Comments on Christian School

Students say: “If you are an international student with a strong Christian background, this is the perfect place for you. In high school you will want to go to a place where it is safe, where teachers really care about your faith, and where you can try a lot of things. Especially for international students, you will get more opportunities here than if you go to larger schools.”