Greetings from South Dakota!

We understand the commitment this decision is for you and your child. 
Your child’s academic education is extremely important.
Their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being is too.

It is our goal to make this an easy transition.

Library Connor Sam Leo

All graduates have been accepted to multiple universities and have chosen Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), BIOLA, Washington University at St. Louis, Perdue University, Simpson University, Grand Canyon University, Iowa State University, Wheaton College, Arizona University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Seattle Pacific University, Hesston College, and more.  

We provide one-on-one tutoring by the Academic Support team and evening homework support including teacher-led study sessions at the dorm.

We offer a well-rounded experience that can include: 

Internships, Athletics, Capstone Project, Choir, Concert Band, Musicals

Students are taught to evaluate information, make decisions and consider outcomes. Learning is much more than memorization.

Half of our high school staff has international career experience. They value international perspectives and they know our international students broaden the viewpoints of our local students.

Freeman is a rural community located in the Midwest section of the United States. This location offers a very safe environment for students. The crime rate in this area of the nation is very low and even lower in our small town. We are located less than one hour from a major airport (Sioux Falls airport – code FSD). The city of Sioux Falls is regularly on the list of best American Small Cities. It offers a variety of shopping and entertainment opportunities. South Dakota offers students the opportunity to experience the beauty of all four seasons.

Freeman Academy is authorized to issue I-20 Certificates to students whose applications have been accepted. English and math testing  is required.

You can request forms directly from Sheila Epp, Registrar. Her email address is

  • “One reason I love Freeman Academy is because of the relationship between students and teachers. Students and teachers are very well engaged. Teachers really focus on you”
  • “Freeman Academy students are usually very busy because of all the opportunities they get. We play sports, sing in musicals and play in concert band.”
  • “There are lots of sports opportunities in school. No matter how well your play, you can always experience the real game.”
  • “Freeman Academy has a strong music program. The band and choir directors love to have international students participate and they give them many opportunities to perform.
  • ”Teachers and school staff are friendly and encouraging.” 
  • “If you want a school that is welcoming, FA is the best place.” 
  • “If you are an international student with a strong Christian background, this is the perfect place for you. In high school you will want to go to a place where it is safe, where teachers really care about your faith, and where you can try a lot of things. Especially for international students, you will get more opportunities here than if you go to larger schools.”