Grade K begins at 8:00am and dismiss at 2:30pm.
Grades 1-6 begin at 8:00am and dismiss at 3:00pm.
Grades 9-12 begin at 8:00am and dismiss at 3:40pm.

We are not on a semester schedule – instead – we utilize a trimester schedule. A modified block schedule includes both 50- and 60-minute periods. 

Freeman Academy athletes participate in volleyball, soccer, football and cross country (fall), basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading (winter), track and golf (spring). Many students enjoy participating in multiple sports. Our soccer program is one of the oldest in the state.
Sports at Freeman Academy bring out lots of participation and enthusiasm. 

Freeman Academy does not have a formal uniforms. Students are expected to dress respectfully.
Our student handbook prohibits clothing “which is offensive, immodest or distracting to others” or clothing which features inappropriate messages. Students are reminded that they represent Freeman Academy and should dress in good taste. Teachers may prescribe dress for special events like concerts, contests and athletic events.

Freeman Academy students have a lot of opportunities to discuss their faith. All students attend chapel twice a week. In chapel, the Freeman Academy community worships together through song, prayer and speakers. High school students are frequently involved in chapel as service planners, worship leaders and musicians. Bible classes, class devotions and informal discussions with other students and faculty encourage Christian growth.

Students agree that the Academy cooks are the best!
Every day, food is made from scratch meals and there is plenty to eat. 
Not everyone makes meals like this or has meals this good at home – we are lucky!

Students have many opportunities to interact with all grade levels. All students attend chapel and lunch together. Since most classes take place in the same building, students have the opportunity to see each other throughout the day. In addition, students are often combined into groups for community service projects. We see this interaction has made our high school students more understanding and respectful to our younger students. The elementary students are not as intimidated by the high school students and strong friendships have been built with this mindset.

We appreciate proper name etiquette traditions, however students address each teacher according to that teacher’s preference. Some teachers are on a first name basis, some allow informal names (like “Mrs. C.” ) and others prefer that students use proper names (“Mr. Epp”). Students are expected to be respectful of teachers regardless of their title; likewise, teachers are expected to interact with their students in a professional and caring manner.

Every student has his/her own criteria for measuring a “good” college. Freeman Academy is an accredited institution and a very high percentage of its graduates pursue higher education. Their academic preparation at Freeman Academy allows these students to get into the private or public institutions of their choice and to do well in their chosen field of study.