Who We Are

Freeman Academy infuses Christ’s call into all learning through Anabaptist principles.
We aim to cultivate the unique, God-given gifts of all students in a safe, caring, and creative community.

Shaped by our Mennonite heritage, Freeman Academy is committed to a Christian education that points to Jesus as savior, teacher, and model for faith and life. 

We welcome students from a variety of faith 
(or even no faith) backgrounds, and we approach with respect and sensitivity the importance of education integrated with a life of faith & discipleship. 

We aim to be a safe place for questions and discussions, focused on the wellbeing of each student, academically and spiritually, emotionally and socially as well. 

Relationships are at the heart of what we do.

Freeman Academy has been educating students in South Dakota and around the world for well over a century.

We offer classes for preschool through senior year. Freeman Academy staff, parents, and supporters work hard to nurture a community that inspires and challenges students flourish.

While we are based in rural South Dakota, our community is enriched by the presence of international and domestic students, living on campus during the academic year, sharing their own cultural experiences with us and making Freeman Academy an unusually diverse school. 

Situated in a charming town with a surprising variety of amenities, Freeman Academy enjoys a uniquely healthy setting marked by a mixture of sophistication, professionalism, and small town neighborliness.

We seek to stimulate students to think critically and
integrate knowledge with faith, service, artistic
expression, and practical experience.