Prayer. It’s part of the fabric of Freeman Academy. You can’t miss it:
•       After staff devotions each morning
•       At the end of each chapel service as students share what’s on their hearts
•       When a cross country runner invites all the other schools to pray together before the race
•       Before family dinner at the dorm  
•       In the many classes where teachers share a daily devotion
•       At the end of each day when teacher Lynelle Hofer leads her students in the Lord’s Prayer

And randomly as Spanish teacher Cindy Graber shares below:

“The morning after the school shooting in Florida, students asked to pray. They wanted to pray for those families,” said Graber. “Prayer is the norm here.”
Prayer requests often reflect national news, family concerns, and school events, but they also reflect the character and concern of students. A recent student request during high school choir was, “We need to pray for each other and to practice kindness.” Caring community and faith – that’s the norm at Freeman Academy.