Volunteers are always welcome on the Freeman Academy campus.  In fact, we would not be able to accomplish successful fundraising without them!  Read on to find out where you might “plug-in” to assist in carrying out the mission of quality Christian education.

Buildings & Grounds Maintenance and Projects

Folks who enjoy working on construction (including electrical and plumbing), painting or landscaping/yard work have opportunities to help keep the FA campus updated and in good condition.   There are also times when extra custodial help is needed during special events – such as Schmeckfest.  Check with the custodians for current needs and projects.


Schmeckfest – is held on two consecutive weekends at the end of March/beginning of April, depending on when Easter falls.  The festival is organized by the FA Auxiliary to honor our Germans-from-Russia ethnic heritage and raise funds to benefit the school.  The campus is transformed into areas for ethnic food and craft demonstrations, Country Kitchen bake sale, and a traditional, German, buffet-style meal served in the basement of Pioneer Hall.  Community people and FA students combine efforts to present a musical theater production each evening in the Pioneer Hall auditorium.

Approximately 150-200 persons are needed each day/evening to help with all of the events.  Students are each assigned to a specific booth each year and we encourage them to volunteer time to wait on tables or help in the kitchen when possible.  Parents are also encouraged to join the fun and camaraderie developed by working together with alumni, constituents, and other community persons.