We’re Here To Help

Freeman Academy is committed to helping families interested in Christian education to attend our school, 

regardless of their financial situation. Consider these options for your family:

Tuition Discounts 

$100 Early Enrollment Discount

New students receive this discount when the application process is completed by July 1.

 $500 Sibling Discount

Families receive a $500 discount for each additional sibling attending Freeman Academy. For example, a family with three children would receive a $1000 discount.

2% Discount for Tuition Paid in Full

Families who pay all their tuition by August 14 receive 2% discount off their tuition amount for all their students.

$450 Parent Volunteer Discounts

As an independent school, Freeman Academy greatly values parents supporting our caring community through volunteering. While some schools require a set number of volunteer hours or a buyout fee, Freeman Academy shows its appreciation through tuition discounts. Parents who volunteer 90 hours receive a $450 Parent Volunteer Discount for one child. If parents volunteer family members can volunteer with administrative approval. Contact Business Manager Karen Schultz for volunteering options at kschultz@freemanacademy.org.


Renewable, Need-based Scholarships

Partners in Education Scholarships (SDPE) are designed for families with financial need whose child/ren are entering non-public school for the first time. South Dakota families must apply through the TADS Financial Aid Assessment to be considered for SDPE scholarships. TADS applications must be submitted online by May 30 at https://secure.tads.com. SDPE scholarships are renewable if financial need continues. Families needing more assistance than SDPE can apply for Variable Tuition as well, also on the basis of their TADS application.

South Dakota’s Partners in Education Tax Credit Program offers scholarships to qualifying students to attend participating private schools in South Dakota. Great Plains Education Foundation collects the contributions and distributes the scholarships as the program’s SGO. Application guidelines can be found at http://mytads.com/fa/sdpe.

Scholarships for Current Freeman Academy Students

Freeman Academy domestic and international high school students may apply for the following yearly scholarships listed below. Applications are available each spring and require applicants write a topical essay. Additional information is available from the Development Director.

Edward & Alma Preheim Scholarship

Gordon & Shirley Brockmueller Scholarship

Clinton & Evelyn Preheim Scholarship

Gift Cards that Give Back

Families can offset tuition costs in the course of their everyday shopping. Freeman Academy families have earned $300, $500, $900 and more. It’s the easiest way to reduce tuition. That’s why we call it the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program or TRIP.

It’s simple!  Think of the gift cards you see at the store. You’re probably familiar with giving them as a gift, but you can use them through TRIP for your own spending and earn tuition credits. TRIP gift cards and accounts are available for local retailers and through ShopWithScrip which offers physical and electronic gift cards for over 750 local and national retailers. For a quick overview, watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=su3W2P7eFxE

Retailer list: www.shopwithscrip.com/shopwithscrip-retailers 


You have several options:

Physical Gift Cards (link to text below) – Order and pick up at Freeman Academy

eGift Cards (link to video)– Print gift certificates at home


MyScripWallet (link to video)– Pay for purchases by accessing digital gift cards on your cell phone.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ovcUxt-V8Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about ShopWithScrip?

Visit the ShopWithScrip.com and learn more from our gift card provider, Great Lakes Scrip Center.

How do I get started?

Enroll directly at www.shopwithscrip.com by following the prompts under “Join a Scrip Program.”  Freeman Academy’s enrollment code is F2L134A922L38.  Or you may fill out the paper registration form (link to printable doc) and turn it in with your first paper order to the Freeman Academy Business Office on the second floor of the Administration Building. 


How do I place an order?

Orders and payments may be made anytime online at www.shopwithscrip.com, using the Online Instructions (link) as a guide. A paper order form (link) may also be used indicating the businesses and amounts for each gift certificates/cards. Add up your totals from both sides, enclose a check(s) made payable to FA TRIP and submit by 12:00 noon on the scheduled Friday to the designated box in the Business Office, the drop box inside the front door of the Administration Building, or the drop box in the entryway to the Et Cetera Shoppe.


When are the orders received?

Online orders for eGift Cards or cell phone orders through MyScripWallet are available within minutes. Orders for physical gift cards will be ready by the following Friday and can be picked up at the school office from 10:45-11:00 a.m. or from 11:30 a.m.-12:00 noon at the Et Cetera Shoppe. A parent MUST pick up the orders or authorize a proxy (Disclaimer Form) for students to receive the order for transport home to parents.

How do I receive credit?

Credits are indicated on the packing slip included with the filled order. Families receive 75% of the rebate and 25% is retained to pay for cost of running the program.  Accumulated credits are calculated twice a year, in May and November. They can be posted to tuition accounts in May, July, or November unless you elect to hold them until a future posting.

Can I order for other people?

Definitely! This is a great way to increase your credit amount. Ask friends and relatives to consider shopping with gift cards through TRIP, and simply include their orders along with your own. Or have family and friends create their own ShopWithScrip accounts so they have the opportunity to order e-cards or reloads independently.

Can our credits apply to another family’s account?

Indicate the recipient’s name in the “student” field when creating your ShopWithScrip account, or fill out the appropriate area on the registration form. 

What if I miss picking up my TRIP order on the designated day?

Contact Barb Yoder at 605-925-4713 home, 605-610-7729 cell, or mbyoder@goldenwest.net to make alternate arrangements.