Preschool & Kindergarten Registration & Screening

The $50 registration fee reserves a spot for your child and will be credited toward monthly tuition. Please return the application and registration fee to

Freeman Academy Registration 

PO Box 1000 – 748 South Main

Freeman , SD 57029

               Indicate preferred screening time on form 

                    Tuesday, July 2 – 9am or 6:30pm

Screening Information

At Freeman Academy, parents and staff value relationships and teamwork The screening hour is designed to start this process with  an opportunity for students and parents to get to know their teacher and vice versa. Children will rotate through four stations: literacy, math, large motor skills, and small motor skills as teachers evaluate their readiness for preschool or kindergarten. Parents will wait nearby and fill out a survey about their child’s learning style. Teachers will discuss student results after the screening and parents will receive results the next day. An open house before these classes start will give students and teachers another opportunity to interact and to see their classrooms, desks, and cubbies.