Mission Statement Faith-inspired learning for life.

Vision Statement:  Freeman Academy infuses Christ’s call into all learning through Anabaptist principles.  We seek to stimulate students to think critically and integrate knowledge with faith, service, artistic expression and practical experience.  Freeman Academy cultivates the unique God-given gifts of all students in a safe, caring and creative community.

As a Christian school, Freeman Academy seeks to provide an atmosphere that encourages the students to find themselves as persons of worth and purpose.

Our philosophy leads us to work for the full realization of each person’s potential:

  • To encourage and cultivate an intimate fellowship with Christ.
  • To promote a life of Christian discipleship that will manifest itself in loyalty to God and in service to one’s neighbor.
  • To permeate the total school program with an atmosphere of Christian faith and spirit.
  • To encourage self-discipline that can come only from a dedication to Christ and His teachings.
  • To acquire vocational and professional skills based on relevant and accurate information.
  • To develop skills for meaningful verbal and non-verbal self-expression and interpersonal relations.
  • To present intellectual challenges that will stimulate constructive, creative, and positive thinking.
  • Through guidance and example, to foster the kind of personal wholeness and social lifestyle that will find purpose and meaning in a constantly changing society.
  • Through instruction and example.
  • To nurture among the school community a feeling of group identity which brings out a sense of loyalty and accountability to each other.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, sex, color or creed.

Our Faith and Life

We believe that God is at work in the world, creating for Himself a Godly people, bringing the Creator’s purposes to fulfillment. We accept Jesus Christ as the revelation of God. In His name people are called to join the new order of God and to live as new people. Through faith in Christ the person is reconciled to God and to one’s neighbor and is set free to enjoy God’s good creation and to celebrate and participate in the new life which God gives all believers. We see the church and our school as a community where members support each other in service and mutual discipline, speaking the truth in love. This experience results in joyful obedience to Christ and in witness and service to the larger society, even at great personal cost.

Confessions of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

The Bible
The Bible is our basic witness to God’s self-revelation, by acting and speaking in events of history to call and preserve a people of God. The scriptures witness to God’s coming for salvation of the world through Jesus Christ, God’s Son. The Bible is thus foundational history of the church and the authoritative guide to faith in Christ and the life of discipleship. It is to be interpreted through the work of the Spirit as Christians study, pray, and talk things over together. We seek to allow the Bible to mold our total common life; its teaching is emphasized in Chapels, Biblical Studies, and other courses.

Anabaptist Heritage

Having been founded by Mennonites, Freeman Academy identifies itself with their heritage of faith and experience. The re-discovery of the biblical Believers’ Church vision through the Anabaptist-Mennonite witness in the sixteenth century has revealed groups of people who believed in and closely followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. They accepted believers’ baptism, and showed love in all human relationships, rejecting all forms of coercion, including warfare.

The church was for them a fellowship of love, sharing to meet the needs of members, studying the Bible–their authoritative guide, discerning God’s will together in the presence of the Spirit of worship, encouraging faithfulness to God’s will in mission and service, hoping and living for the full coming of the Kingdom of God.

In daily life they sought to follow in the steps of Jesus by His grace, with no inconsistency between personal profession and public actions, between sacred and secular. Freeman Academy sees itself as part of the church with the responsibility of integrating Christian faith in all learning to equip students to live a life of Christian discipleship.

We follow the Anabaptist concept of separation of church and state, recognizing with gratitude the liberty and freedoms God has granted to us in this country. While we promote respect for our nation and work for its improvement, at the same time we give ultimate allegiance to God and His Kingdom. Thus, the flag pledge and the national anthem, which tend to compromise our full allegiance to God, are not used. Our historic emphasis on peace and non-participation in war leads us to emphasize issues of peace and service to all mankind and not to promote the military as a career choice.

Personal Responsibility
At Freeman Academy we recognize that each student is influenced by his/her background and environment. He/she has the freedom and responsibility to decide the direction of his/her life. Church school education concerns itself with the will as well as with the mind. We attempt to foster an atmosphere that will enable a responsible, mature, free, informed answer to the call of God. We seek to train students to analyze and understand prevailing values in the youth and adult cultures around them and to make wise choices pertaining to their lifestyle.