Grades 1-3

in a mixed-age group environment

A note from Karla Rupp,

The Freeman Academy 1-3 classroom creates a unique community where every student is able to access learning materials independently, even if each person may be accessing it at a different place, in a different way. Experiences and lessons are customized for each student so they are doing a mixture of work to their learning level and listening to key points they will be able to utilize in future lessons.

  • Sometimes they are working individually on an activity that supports them where they are. 
  • Sometimes they are working collaboratively in a partnership where they can learn together, as well as practice communication skills.

We have worked hard to create a classroom dynamic where students know that each person is unique and so are their learning styles. No matter what age we are, we need to recognize others abilities in a positive way. It also allows for each student to recognize their own growth with life skills, and for them to develop the ability to interact with others who are in need help or those who can help them, in a Christ-like way.