Elite 100 Ranking

Maximizing knowledge through technology is key to Karla Rupp’s strategy for achieving academic success for her students. IXL Learning honored Rupp and her students with an Elite 100 trophy to recognize their outstanding use of the math and language arts website in accelerating classroom progress.

“Once IXL was incorporated into my ‘bag of tricks,’ there was a definite change in the growth rate for every student in my class,” said Rupp. “On assessments, a large majority of students surpassed the average rate of learning for their grade level. I definitely couldn’t grow my students’ brains as effectively without it!”

After daily lessons, Rupp has students “show what you know” on IXL. The program identifies areas needing reinforcement; then students follow up with Rupp or a peer, “When an upper-level student guides a lower-level student, they reinforce their own knowledge and support their peer as well.”  

IXL Learning chose the Elite 100 from 300,000 classrooms worldwide.