“It brings me so much joy to watch how FA has helped John discover and cultivate his talents, and how it has instilled confidence and helped him grow. My heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving are offered to God daily for the school!” Bobbi A, high school parent

“Our daughter is loving it and she is excelling. Now we are getting our little girl back.” Michelle S, elementary parent
 “Aiden is engaged and excited about learning and, most importantly, he is happy!” Peggy K, junior high and elementary parent
 “One thing that warms my heart is the interactions my boys share with older students. The older kids indulge the younger kids frequently. I’ve observed the older students relating in a caring and nurturing way. My boys value being able to interact and not be treated as little pests.” Sherilyn O, elementary parent and board member
“The teachers at FA are the hardest working people I have ever met. They are always willing to help you, explain things, or just talk when you need a friend.” Kaitlyn E, high school student
“We immediately felt the caring community [when we transitioned to FA]. Immediately, other parents were involving us in a carpool and taking care of each other.” Kathy R, high school parent
“We could not be more pleased with what we have witnessed academically, socially and spiritually.  This once reserved child has stepped out of his box and has discovered much of what FA has to offer and then some.  As a parent, I am excited for him and can’t wait to see what his upcoming years at FA holds.”  Jolene T, high school parent