Academic Success and Soaring Confidence – A Yankton Family Shares Their Story

Freeman Academy is “more than we ever expected” says Joyce Duran who is pictured with her husband, Joshua, and their children.

“Dylan has learned so much during his first year at Freeman Academy, and his confidence has soared! The fact that the school is faith-based is evident in all they do, including visiting the Salem Home residents which Dylan loves doing. Community service, encouraging and loving others, praying together, and having a family-like, caring atmosphere while having a well-rounded curriculum is just so much more than we ever expected in Dylan’s education.

His teacher [Karla Rupp] is able to work with each child where they are at and tap into their learning style while teaching them in love and compassion. She keeps us in the loop on everything and is always available to chat with us on the phone, via text or email. When Dylan started at the beginning of the year in second grade, we immediately began to see his progress. He has excelled in all areas, and on the STAR math and reading assessments, he jumped up to a 3rd and 4th grade level.

     God is awesome and it’s great to trust where we send Dylan for the day, knowing that Christ is in all of our hearts, at the center of it all.”  – Joyce Duran

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